In today’s hectic world most of us experience stress and anxiety at some point in our lives . These emotions are the way body and mind responds to a certain stimulus or event. They are normal and sometimes even helpful, but they can become a problem too. When they start to affect our quality of life, they are no longer a casual emotion but a state of being.

Acupuncture for Stress

Stress is often defined as a mismatch between how we cope with the demands placed on us and our ability to cope with these demands. It can have a physical effect on our body, but it can also affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

It can be positive when it motivates us to get things done, however, it can be negative when we feel constantly pressurised or traumatised by too many demands and expectations. Stress can have negative impact on health, mood, productivity and overall quality of life.

Long commuting, balancing work and family life, going through a challenging situation which awakes emotions of insecurity and fear, constantly feeling under pressure or being depressed after a tragic event, can lead to stress related symptoms.

You might be suffering from Stress if you experience following stress symptoms:

Conventional treatments for stress include medication such as anti-anxiety drugs, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and relaxation techniques.


Acupuncture for Stress – alternative stress management

Acupuncture for stress can be safely combined with conventional treatments such as medication or psychological therapy, enhancing their beneficial effects and reducing unwanted side-effects.

Combining acupuncture with counselling stress management

Acupuncture can help in easing physical symptoms, as well as in reducing emotional distress. Through acupuncture, my clients notice their physical symptoms are gradually reducing, which helps them to be able to connect with their feelings on a deeper level in order to release blocked energy.
Through an integrated acupuncture-counselling therapy, blocked emotional energy release happens through acupuncture alongside talking therapy. My patients are guided through easy breathing relaxation during acupuncture treatment, which leads to excellent results as a holistic body and mind treatment.