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Hi, I’m Malou (Xiao Chun Wang). I am a professional and confident Dublin-based Chinese acupuncturist with Overall, I have about 25 years experiences in both China and Dublin
Following three years nursing training, which involved studying Acupuncture and the use of Chinese herbs, I practiced as a Traditional Chinese Medicine nurse for many years in a hospital in Shanghai. I worked in the Department of Internal Diseases and the Department of Neurosurgery, where Western and Chinese Medicine are used in tandem in order to speed up patient’s recovery.
To be able to practice acupuncture in Ireland, I underwent a further two-year study and gained a Diploma in Acupuncture from Shanghai Acupuncture College Ireland. In 2010, I have completed a Herbal course in an Acupuncture Foundation, after which I went back to Shanghai to practice healing with herbs in Gynaecology and Oncology departments in Yue Yang Hospital.

Through almost 2 decades of acupuncture practice, I have always been curious about psyche (Mind) and soma (Body) interconnection. After 4 years of studying at Dublin Business School, I have been awarded a bachelor degree BA in Counselling and Psychotherapy. These studies have enhanced my empathetic understanding of feelings of myself and others. Currently, I am understanding Vedic Counselling course to enhance my knowledge and integrate this ancient wisdom to assist each individual to gain Self-knowledge and realizatdion to be wholeness. When Western medicine and philosophy meet Eastern, it allows Mind, Body and Spirit to emerge into the ‘ONE’. Also I work with couples to support their relationships. My work is humanistic integrative which means that it draws on any of several theoretical approaches as client needs demand (including attachment theory, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), client-centred theory, existential, Gestalt therapy, psychodynamic, family system, EFT (Emotional Focus Therapy) and mindfulness approaches.  I work with individuals and couples to build a harmony connection within and with their loved ones. 

Malou believes the change happens when we are aware we have the capacity
“To know, To understand, To act differently”,
and knowing “Imperfection is the Perfection”.

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