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15.5 Acupuncture Benefits

Have you ever wondered what acupuncture benefits are?

But, does acupuncture work?

You might have heard that apparently Sandra Bullock gets acupuncture 3 times a week! It’s in her contract and studios have to pay for it!
Elle McPherson has it done regularly, too. She claims: “I do choose to look after my body from a Chinese medicine perspective, which promotes and maintains wellness rather than treats illness”. Jennifer Lopez dropped 15lbs with help of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Jennifer Anniston does it, Angelina Jolie does it, Sean Connery, Madonna, Oprah, Lucy Liu, Kim Kardashian..the list goes on and on!

So is it just another fad you might ask?

Absolutely, not! Acupuncture has been invented 5,000 years ago, and practiced since over 3,000 years, which makes it one of the oldest practicing forms of medicine known. World’s largest population – over 1.3 billion Chinese people can’t be wrong!

OK, so what are acupuncture benefits?

I can think of following 15 acupuncture benefits:

  1. Acupuncture is holistic and treats the roots of the problems, not just the symptoms
  2. It’s safe and effective
  3. No side effects
  4. Much quicker recovery than with the use of Western Medicine
  5. No chemical drugs used and can be used on patients who do not respond to pain medications
  6. No down-time for the recovery (unlike with the surgery)
  7. Affordable
  8. Each acupuncture treatment is individually tailored
  9. Can be safely used combined with conventional medicine
  10. It will give you more energy, so that you can finally hit the gym 😉
  11. It strengthens  immune system. Wave goodbye to nasty colds and flu!
  12. Acupuncture decreases stress levels, helping you calm your mind and emotions, leaving you serene and relaxed
  13. It improves sleep
  14. Boosts digestion
  15. It’s very effective in decreasing chronic pain

Actually, there is a number 16! You could boast of having a near-death experience of  laying on “bed of nails”. Ah, no! It’s actually nowhere near as bad as people imagine:)

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