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[su_spacer size=”15″]Rose buds, known as Mei Gui Hua (玫瑰花) in China, are young flowers of Chinese rose.
You can find them in health stores or in any Asian market in Dublin. Despite being quite ubiquitous and known to be a love symbol, most people don’t realise what healing properties these little mighty flowers have. In fact, rose bud is a medicinal edible food with many health benefits, especially for women.

Being quite fragrant and mild in nature, they are ideal for nourishing liver, soothing stomach and spleen, promoting the circulation and unblocking the stagnation of Qi and blood.

Rose buds for women’s healthHealth benefits of rose buds for women

Rose buds are a fantastic herb for women, since they are very effective at:

1) Treating gynaecological issues, like:

In TCM view, sweet-bitter in taste, and warm in property are best in regulating Qi to release the stagnation, stimulate blood, relieve pain and regulate menstruation to stop pain. Therefore rose bud is especially good at treating premenstrual symptoms such as:

It can also reduce painful menstruation.[su_spacer size=”15″]

2) Balancing the mind
Rose buds are also gentle and warm, so they can nourish the blood vessels of heart and liver, dispelling depressive Qi to calm the spirit and stabilise emotional ups and downs. They have an antidepressant function.

Since modern women often have very busy lives with work and family stress, they would greatly benefit from drinking rose bus tea (see the recipes below)[su_spacer size=”15″]

3) Helping achieve a naturally radiant complexion

They are very effective in moving blood and Qi, therefore dispelling stagnation and regulating organs. Rose buds can help with:

That’s because all these conditions are related to irregular Qi and blood circulation, which leads to stagnation in the uterus and face. So when the Qi and blood circulation is normal, the complexion looks flawless and you feel well too![su_spacer size=”15″]

4) Aiding weight loss

As they regulate Qi and blood and women’s physiological problems


Delicious & Nutritious

Malou’s recipes

  1. Rose buds tea

Drink this tea hot to remedy tiredness, fatigue and sluggishness.

Rose Buds

Ingredients: rose bud 15g, 3-5 dates or 9g of American ginseng

  1. Rose buds and goji berry tea

For menstruation issues and menopause.

Ingredients: rose bud 15g and goji berry 15g

Drink tea daily and you will see the benefits in the long run.

Note! Avoid drinking it with green tea as it would affect rose buds’ function.


Nutritional Value & Western medicine view of rosebud oil


It can stimulate and coordinate, immune and nervous systems; it also helps to improve endocrine gland secretion, removes sclerosis and repairs cells. Rose oil promotes gastrointestinal function.

It contains vitamins C, B, K and carotene.

Vitamin K promotes the blood coagulation (clotting).

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant neutralising toxins and free radicals damage leading to aging. It helps in the production of collagen, which is essential for healthy skin and hair. Vitamin C supports healthy immune system preventing and treating colds and flu.

Rosebud oil also contains: calcium, potassium, copper, iodine and other elements.


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